Unique Custom Designed Enclosures

A bit about Unique Custom Designed Enclosures..

Our uniquely designed “Attached to the House Cat Enclosures” are becoming increasingly popular as they can be an wonderful place for your beloved cat to roam and explore whilst allowing them to come in and out of your house as much as they wish providing them with safety and security that they long for.

These unique designs often are attached to a window or exit door of your house, please see below the before and after photos of some designs that we may be able to achieve for you and your beloved cat. 

To make the most out of your space we can also provide interactive cat hanging toys, different levels for them to lie on and scratching posts which will ensure your cat loves exploring their new environment.

All of our custom made cat enclosures are built by a fully licensed and insured builder out of the highest quality materials and are designed to fit to your unique space which is the puuurect solution to ensure your pet it always where you left them, safe and sound on your property.

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With BBS Custom Cat Enclosures you can rest assure that your job will be completed safely and to the highest of standards. A Fully insured builder completing all works. Quality Guarantee!

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