Side of the House Enclosures

A bit about Side of the House Cat Enclosures..

There are many benefits of installing a “Side of House Custom Cat Enclosure” one of which allows your cat to play in a safe, enriching environment that will support their happiness and wellbeing. 

While you cat is being stimulated and allowed to roam in a designated safe area, specially designed for them, it also protects the local wildlife like birds and lizards making it a great solution for cats who crave the outdoors .

To make the most out of your space we can also provide interactive cat hanging toys, different levels for them to lie on and scratching posts which will make your cat really love exploring their new environment.

All of our custom made cat enclosures are built by a fully licensed and insured builder out of the highest quality materials and are designed to fit to your unique space which is the puuurect solution to ensure your pet it always where you left them, safe and sound in your yard.

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With BBS Custom Cat Enclosures you can rest assure that your job will be completed safely and to the highest of standards. A Fully insured builder completing all works. Quality Guarantee!

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